El oro de los Andes Ecological food

El Oro de los Andes, is a Spanish company committed to fair trade with various groups of producers in Peru. When browsing our website, you will discover our partners: the cooperatives that produce Canchaque coffee and El Inti chocolate, the group of producers of maca, the sector of producers of quinoa, and other grains, and the group of producers of Panela, the whole sugar cane.

El Oro de los Andes, is also a company committed to the highest quality of “High Nutrition Density” products, we have the commitment of our partner OX Nature, with products from organic or wild cultivation that provide high amounts of nutrients per serving: essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fiber, proteins, antioxidants and phytonutrients, among others; and they originate from the most diverse regions of the world.

In turn, El Oro de los Andes, recovers first-class products of organic origin, with the commitment of other partners, ARIHUA, CRESPI, LA CARRASCA, MORINGA CANARY ISLAND, NATURAL-MENTE