El oro de los andes


El Oro de los Andes (The gold of Andes), arises in 2009 as a business project with solidarity initiative to import organic products from Peru to Europe. The idea of company arises during the development of a Doctoral Thesis carried out at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and it is launched with the support of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Madrid, AJE, and with the Certification of the Committee for Ecological Agriculture of the Madrid’s community.

One of the most important characteristics of the Gold of the Andes is that it works with small peasant and indigenous organizations in Peru located in isolated rural areas, and thus facilitate the access of its agricultural production to the Spanish market. Today, due to the changes that are taking place in the organic sector, where exploitation is beginning to take place, and for greater visibility for the final consumer, we have resolved that our channels are certified by the new SPP approach: “Symbol of the small producers “: a real label that belongs to the producers who define the rules for their own customers.

This certification is closest to our design for fairer trade because it restores power to farmers’ organizations.

Authentic democratic and self-managed organizations of small producers, produced under criteria of economic, social, cultural, and ecological sustainability, and marketed under fair conditions. This seal values your work, respecting biodiversity, in a logic of food sovereignty.

In the beginning, most of the added value was generated in Peru; but gradually new formulas and opportunities appeared to generate added value also in Spain.

For El Oro de los Andes, cooperation between the people who are part of the project is of utmost interest. People with a desire to materialize their dreams in tune with ours. Dreams directed towards the well-being of all, through healthy, sustainable and harmonious lifestyle habits.

In this video Fernando Salcines founder of El Oro de los Andes explains in a few minutes how our company works and what some of its products are